First non-U.S. Water Treatability Tests Completed

First non-U.S. Water Treatability Tests Completed

First non-U.S. Water Treatability Tests Completed 1300 640 Ferrate Solutions

We’ve hit a big milestone this month: Ferrate Solutions completes its first non-U.S. water treatability tests near Amman, Jordan

– Dr. Tom Waite, Founder, Ferrate Solutions® Inc

While we have spent a great deal of time in 2019 discussing nutrient contamination (total removal of both phosphorus and nitrogen) in Florida, Ferrate Solutions was actually launched with a more dire mission and market target – cleaning up contaminated drinking water in developing countries where the only alternative for safe water, is to buy it bottled.

Our plan, after the company’s January launch this year, was to lay the groundwork for our first systems to be in place by mid-2020, and we are really pleased to be on track to meet that goal.

Last week, a team of Ferrate Solutions engineers successfully performed treatability studies on contaminated water in the Middle East, paving the way for installation and operation of water treatment systems there by summertime, 2020.

The tests were performed December 12 to 15 at different locations in Jordan.  Ferrate was piloted on both contaminated industrial wastewater and samples of the area’s drinking water.  As many of you know, Ferrate is delivered in a closed-treatment system, which means it is never released to the environment.  The compound, though bright purple in color, is considered “green”, or environmentally-friendly because it is iron-based, contained in treatment, and does not produce carcinogenic disinfection bi -products like chlorine does.

Aside from its ability to completely remove phosphorus and nitrogen from unlimited amounts of water, Ferrate has also been proven to remove some of the toughest contaminates from drinking water, including radionuclides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and bacteria, and has even shown positive results on treating fluorinated compounds (PFAS and PFOA, etc.) which are currently dogging the environmental community around the globe.

“The planet is facing such serious environmental challenges, especially when it comes to drinking water, and those challenges can seem overwhelming,” said Tom Waite, Ferrate Solutions Founder, “But they don’t have to be.  There is hope.  There are big solutions on the horizon, and Ferrate is one of them.”

And just as an update, Ferrate Solutions is still seeking designation as a “new technology” by Florida’s Department of Environment to treat harmful algal blooms and remove nutrient contamination (Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen) in Florida and is in the process of developing potential future projects in Thailand, China, Nepal, as well as Jordan.

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