Ferrate Technology

What are Ferrate Solutions Inc. (FS) Treatment Systems?

Ferrate Solutions Inc., provides its customers with the complete capability to treat most types of contaminated water and wastewater, both affordably and with no negative impacts to the surrounding environment.  FS designs, fabricates, installs and maintains site-specific equipment that creates and delivers ferrate-based treatment uniquely designed to meet customer treatment needs.

For over 40 years, tens of thousands of publications have shown ferrate’s effectiveness in environmental applications. All of this research with subsequent pilot demonstrations has been performed utilizing small quantities of laboratory-synthesized ferrate compounds. Despite the astounding results observed with ferrate treatment of water, wastewater, sludge and industrial wastes, inexpensive, commercial sources of a ferrate compound have never been available in the market place.

Why hasn’t a source of commercial grade ferrate ever been available?

Ferrate (FeO42-) products are inherently unstable and cannot be stored or transported as with other commercial grade chemicals. These characteristics have precluded the ability of large chemical suppliers to produce commercial amounts of this chemical. In addition, previous attempts to commercialize this valuable commodity were unsuccessful due to the cost (> $100.00 per pound of FeO42-) of producing a high-purity ferrate product. FS has developed proprietary blends of ferrate products that are now available at a commercial scale for < $5.00 per pound of FeO42- .

How did FS achieve this break-through in the technology?

After many years of research and experimentation in pilot studies, FS engineers have been able to design proprietary blends of inexpensive, commercially available feedstock chemicals, that when reacted together under proprietary conditions can produce a concentrated ferrate solution that is stable for weeks. This allows a workable solution of ferrate to be continuously generated nearby its point of use; either in remote locations, or central to several users of the compound.

Treatment systems.

In conjunction with our OEM, FS designs, fabricates, tests, installs, guarantees and maintains all components for site-specific designed Ferrate – based treatment systems. The FS Ferrate systems can be scaled to any size application. The unit operations of the systems are modular and easily transported to any location. These systems can be stand-alone, or interface with existing facilities. Total system design includes proprietary Ferrate synthesis, feed systems, flash mixing, flocculation, and clarification systems as required. Facilities for storage and handling of feedstock chemicals (ferric, caustic, and bleach) can also be designed and fabricated if the feedstocks are not already present at the site. All FS systems are fully process controlled and can be remotely controlled from central locations. FS engineers can interface their systems into any existing water, wastewater or industrial waste treatment system. FS treatment systems can be purchased outright or leased through one of several programs provided by FS.

Ferrate Solutions

The simple but elegant solution that opens this technology for global commercialization is the design and fabrication of equipment that can be utilized to produce and deliver liquid Ferrate(VI) solutions at designed doses for each treatment challenge. The formula for blending readily available chemical feedstocks to continually produce a concentrated Ferrate(VI) solution has been developed by the principals of this company. The founders of FERRATE SOLUTIONS Inc. (FS) also have the knowledge and experience to utilize proprietary formulations of different liquid Ferrate(VI) solutions to effectively treat: drinking water, domestic and industrial wastewater, sludge and gasses. FS has partnered with a major equipment manufacturer to build specialized Ferrate(VI) synthesis and support equipment. FS Ferrate(VI) treatment systems are guaranteed, and come with maintenance packages to assure worry free operation in the field.

Purple is the New Green

Ferrate is a chemical compound that has a distinctive purple hue.

The International Commercialization of Ferrate