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  • Position:
    Laboratory Technician – Temporary Contract

    This position will require full-time availability for one month with the intention of developing it into a full-time salaried position

    Ferrate Solutions, Inc. is a Florida-based, U.S. company that has entered the international marketplace for commercial water and wastewater treatment with a product and service package that is virtually without competition in its field. Ferrate Solutions, Inc. is both a manufacturer of chemical production equipment and a designer of unique engineering processes which together create and then deliver the most sought-after, iron-based compound known as Ferrate, to polluted water. Ferrate has long been celebrated by researchers for its environmental treatment capabilities because it reduces or removes almost every type of water pollution found on Earth. Contaminates that Ferrate has proven to be particularly effective in removing range from fertilizer and human waste nutrients like those currently plaguing Florida’s inland waterways, to metals, pharmaceuticals and radioactive materials that have made drinking water sources around the globe, unusable. Previously cost prohibitive, Ferrate Solutions’ breakthrough technology will now allow this unique and powerful water treatment process to become available at a competitive cost in the environmental arena. “Ferrate’s ability to remove the worst of the worst from polluted water has been studied since the 1970’s,” said Dr. Thomas D. Waite, Founder and CEO of Ferrate Solutions. “And now, we can finally use it to treat contaminated water anywhere in the world, making much of it drinkable again. There is nothing like Ferrate on the market today.”

    As an iron-based treatment chemical, Ferrate is considered “green”, or environmentally friendly because its application results in no toxic residuals and in many cases its application can provide additional benefits such as the recycling and reuse of some of the precipitated chemicals. Phosphate and nitrogen, in particular, can be totally removed from a waterflow and reapplied to agricultural fields if desired. The company is positioned to open markets in several areas around the world, with a strong and initial focus in Asia. “The unique strength of this technology is that it can address many environmental problems in one treatment,” said Waite. “This means it can treat drinking water and wastewater and remove a broad spectrum of environmental contaminates, with one treatment.”

    Ferrate Solutions’ systems are uniquely designed to deliver specialized amounts of Ferrate to match individual treatment needs and can be scaled up or down depending on a variety of factors including the timing of treatment to coincide with storm or other water release events. The systems are available for purchase.



    • Minimum 2 years chemistry lab experience
    • BS Degree in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry or related field
    • Required Laboratory Skills:
    • Routine wet chemical analyses
    • Acids and bases
    • Water chemistry
    • Work with spectrometers and pH meters

    Other position requirements:

    • Clean driving record and reliable transportation
    • Willing to travel for work, with overnights, primarily in Florida but could be national or international
    • 3 professional references obtained within last 7 years

    Position Primary Location:
    Melbourne, Florida


    To apply:
    Please email any questions, cover letter, 3 references and resume to  Please, no phone calls.

    Download: FS Jobs – Laboratory Technician – Temporary Contract FL

Purple is the New Green

Ferrate is a chemical compound that has a distinctive purple hue.

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